Website Design Ideas

Hamburger Menu Alternatives

Hamburger navigation on desktop and mobile is not good for UX metrics because of its low efficiency and discoverability. Fortunately, more apps and sites are trying alternative and more efficient solutions to address this problem. Here are some ideas whose performance and viability is content and context dependent.

  1. Use of tabs. Some websites and apps feature limited numbers of sections. For users to quickly switch between the stated sections, website owners must include tabbed navigations.
  2. For apps and sites with more than 5 sections, it is better to display 4 that have the highest priority and the fifth to list “more.” This last item can either act as a drop-down menu or a link to a navigation page that has the remaining items.
  3. Progressively collapsing menu. This is a more sophisticated version of ‘tabs+more.’ It adapts to the screen width and displays as much of the menu as possible. When necessary, it places all the remaining items under a “more” item.
  4. Scrollable navigation. This is a good option when there are a number of sections that do not differ much in priorities and creating a “more” section would not be fitting. However, without scrolling, one can only see the top few items.

Full-Screen Websites, Easier on the Eyes

Full-screen websites fill whole browser windows (but not necessarily entire screens) independent of screen resolutions. Seemingly, more web designers are using full-screen images for the backgrounds of their websites. This may be in response to the growing screen sizes and resolutions as well as increasing Internet speeds.

A lot of full-screen websites are on-point about their dimensions. They either use CSS or JavaScript to ensure that initial visible sections have exact sizes as those of current browser windows. After doing this, it is possible for some CSS positioning to put elements at the extremes, even with window resizing.

The best place to use full screens is on homepages. Full-screen welcome gates cover entire screens with single calls to action. Users can only see one available choice at first. Scrolling down is a must should they desire to view more options. This makes such homepages easier on users’ eyes while minimizing distractions.

Full-screen designs also afford users a canvas. The main thing this pattern does is use the space to present products, companies, or ideas. It focuses on personality and message while removing the disarrangement of the rest of the content. Full-screen homepages are receiving more website design awards today.

B2B must haves

Web design is one of the best sales tools at the disposal of many B2B companies. It can inform, allure, and persuade people to purchase a brand. This is fitting for B2B marketing since sales cycles are most likely to take longer and involve several interactions. Here are a few things a website must have in order to be effective:

  1. Clean and organized professional design. People usually make subconscious judgments on the appearance of something even before they begin reading about it. A clean and organized, professional website design creates a powerful first impression on potential clients.
  2. Outline firm’s services or products. When potential clients arrive at a site, they should easily and quickly understand what the firm offers.
  3. Concise brand messaging. Prospects should easily understand the main value proposition of a firm once they arrive at the website. Also, the company’s value proposition must be unique.
  4. Educative and trust building. A website that educates potential buyers and builds trust in them is likely to be successful.
  5. Offer plenty of conversion opportunities. Great website designs make it easy for users to engage with their firms. They make their contact information easily accessible and visible. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of conversion options to potential clients.


Today, more sites and apps are attempting to use alternative solutions to address the problem of hamburger’s navigation discoverability. Some of these custom website design approaches include the use of tabs, “tabs+more,” and scrollable navigation. Each of them is suitable for certain situations.

Another website design that is growing in popularity utilizes full screens, especially on home pages. Such designs minimize distractions on the pages while granting users a great experience as they do not strain to find important information about websites. Full-screen web designs are very specific and functional.

Web design is also very important in boosting sales for B2B companies. However, for success, firms must have clean and organized professional designs, offer conversion opportunities, and brand their products or services clearly. This is more like SEO website design since it deals more with the visibility of the company.

Understanding Digital B2B Marketing

B2B marketing in 2018

Consumer brands do make headlines in marketing stories and so should B2Bs. For B2B marketing to flourish, marketers might have to take some strategic examples from their B2C peers. The following are some best practices that B2B owners may have to embrace in this second half of 2018:

  1. Creation of multimedia content. Blog posts serve informational purposes well. However, there is an increasing demand for video and other multimedia contents. As audiences familiarize more with visual rather than text, B2B marketing should shift focus.
  2. Mobile-friendly websites. Digital media engagement on mobile platforms is rising dramatically. The number is still rising, according to predictions. Therefore, B2B marketers would do themselves a favor by embracing mobile formats.
  3. Automation of business leads. It is good to attract leads to a business naturally. However, this may not yield substantial results for small businesses that have limited resources and time. In such cases, the best option is automating business leads.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels define and improve marketing strategies. They are sets of stages that map customer journeys. Therefore, marketers should measure how effectively they fill those funnels with new leads. The same applies to the process of conversion of those leads through each stage.

Funnels display important stages that guide marketers through the process of digital marketing. They include:

  1. The attraction stage. This is where prospective customers become aware of a marketer’s brand. It may be through social media, search engines, or networking events. Marketers must establish a great reputation and create and pass relevant content on online platforms to attract many customers.
  2. Conversion stage. At this stage, marketers should ask for permission to send emails to potential customers. The process of nurturing leads begins here. Placing lead capture pages and sign up forms at strategic locations on a website could yield good results at the conversion stage.
  3. Closing stage. Here, customers should become more than just leads. They now pay. A lead management system is crucial here. It helps understand leads’ digital behavior and needs.
  4. Delight stage. Here, marketers keep their customers satisfied and happy so that they can pay and promote their products and services.

Using Social Media For B2B

B2B companies have been lagging behind B2Cs in the adoption and effective use of social media. This should not be the case since the platform promises a lot of potential. Is there a way to change this trend? Here are a few tips for B2Bs to have skyrocketing traffic.

  1. Humanize a brand. Most B2Bs in the manufacturing and industrial sectors lack genuine human backing for their efforts. The result is that the company may seem unreal and distant. Humanizing brands on social media may involve writing articles and updates in the first person or using real names of people in customer service.
  2. Hiring the right person. Most B2Bs hire the wrong personnel to promote their social media endeavors. The right person to lead social media initiatives should not only be familiar with the industry but also a social media expert.
  3. Backing social media with content marketing. The media fails in the face of unsuccessful content marketing campaigns. Therefore, B2Bs must find the most attractive and engaging content to share on social media.
  4. Loving LinkedIn. This platform secures leads effectively. The right kind of traffic is the social goal of the majority of B2Bs. This traffic results in leads and LinkedIn is the platform that is good at achieving this.

How B2B SEO Works

Some B2b business owners think SEO is ineffective. They consider the stiff competition and the difficulty of generating high-quality B2B leads via content as stumbling blocks. Of course, succeeding with SEO is currently challenging but smart marketers know how to crack the nut. They create excellent content.

It is also important to note that business owners may take time to realize the benefits of SEO. To ensure a great ROI, it requires B2Bs to add up their resources for longer periods of time. This is different from paid search and such like tactics where companies keep spending money in order to drive leads and sales continually.

SEO is among the few sustainable ways that B2Bs can create audiences, generate leads, and close customers in the end. As businesses create more content, draw more links to it, and rank for better keywords, they begin securing more organic traffic. However, it requires them to produce excellent content, do outreaches, and build links.

What to Look for in an SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool that gives companies an opportunity to have their websites ranking higher in search results. SEO service providers are there to help companies with professional services that will see them beat the competition. An SEO technician will be able to choose keywords professionally thus giving the website a boost in search results.

Companies also need to learn the qualities to look for when sourcing for these services. There are a number of SEO Ireland companies out there to offer the services and to get to the best service provider, a through ground check is required.

What Defines an SEO Service?

An SEO service is one that will help in making a site accessible to search engines. The service is broad and the best SEO companies utilize the most effective SEO tools to meet the client’s needs while keeping to the platform’s specifications. The service providers come up with an SEO package to suit a client’s needs while sticking to a specified budget.

An SEO website may be charged either on a one-time fee or a monthly subscription depending on its size, inputs and any servicing required. An SEO Ireland company that stands out in delivering quality services is one that is:

  • Open to its clients- Clients need a company that says the exact service to be delivered. The SEO Package to be provided and SEO tools utilized are well defined before a service contract is issued.
  • Not exaggerated- Un-professional SEO companies are known to overpromise on service delivery to win clients. Having an SEO Website rank at the top in a search engine is not easy, cheap or fast.
  • In frequent contact with the client- SEO service is not a one time service, professional SEO companies will reach out to its clients frequently to understand their goals, achievements as well as challenges.
  • Open to share good and bad results- SEO is not always working as per the clients’ expectations overnight. A company that will be open on the weak areas on the SEO Website is genuine to work with.
  • Improving the search rankings-Though it’s impractical to expect instant high rankings after outsourcing SEO service, there should be a notable change with time. If a website deteriorates or stagnates after a duration of time, seeking a second opinion is advisable.

The History of SEO

SEO has been in existence for a long time with its services changing as time goes. There are SEO professionals coming up every day to improve the way it works on search results. Though its origin can be traced back to early 1990s, it’s been new every day with SEO Package changing for the better.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the search engines known to work for SEO but have been made better with time. With the way technology is changing and new professionals coming up, there are expected changes in SEO to improve the services, help companies rank higher and attract traffic to websites.

How to Avoid Bad SEO

Just as there is good SEO, bad SEO is there and can be distinguished by the side effects it has on websites. SEO Ireland is not any different from one in other areas as there are challenges too. To avoid Bad SEO, companies are advised to keep off from some practices which include:

  • Having the wrong content on a site – Search Engines are choosy when it comes to site contents. Posting low-quality content regularly is just a waste of time.  
  • Focusing on ranks rather than organic traffic- An SEO professional focuses on having quality content that will pull traffic to a website. It does not mean that placing keywords on content will translate to quality traffic,
  • Ignoring image optimization-   High quality and unique images on a site drives organic traffic. The images should be relevant to the site and the content if the website is to rank high in search results.
  • Having too many backlinks- Using too many backlinks on a website sends a wrong message to search engines. Backlinks are still functional in SEO but should not be over-used.
  • Assuming on-page SEO problems- It’s only an unprofessional SEO service provider that will ignore on-page problems. It’s advisable to hire a professional SEO company to fix problems as they arise.
  • Use of keywords to create different pages-   Keywords are essential when it comes to SEO but should be used wisely. It does not make sense to create different contents to rank high on every version of related keywords. This is a technique that used to work ages ago but its now outdated.

White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat

There are various SEO tools and techniques which are used to improve the rankings of websites on search engines. This is what distinguishes White hat SEO from Black hat SEO.

SEO professionals use black hat SEO when a quick return on a website is a priority to a long-term return. The techniques used breaks search engine rules and focus on higher rankings which are risky affairs as they can lead to penalization and/or website banning.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, focuses on the human audience rather than gaining higher ranks. This is the best kind of SEO as it obeys all SEO rules. The SEO technicians work on content research, keyword/keyword analysis, as well as meta tags rewrites when necessary. The white hat SEO focuses on long-term results rather than just high ranks.



SEO is a digital marketing strategy that works to improve companies’ online visibility. With the world embracing technology, SEO will only get better as many people rely on online platforms to search for information.

Hiring an SEO company to work on a website is beneficial as quality traffic will be targeted and the company’s PR will be improved. A visit to is the first step to getting the best SEO services available.

When to Use a Website Builder

A website builder is a program that helps develop a website without manual code editing. It is categorized into two types. The first is an online website that runs on the service of a provider and is web based.

The second type is an offline website builder you can use on your computer even when disconnected from the internet. It’s a software that can be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Most website developers get frustrated because they have no idea of how to code and program. Most think the solution is to hire a web developer. They assume it takes being a master in web developing to build a site. A website builder can be used when:

Opportunity Cost

Use a builder if you want to forego other alternatives and consider one that best suits your needs. It also depends on how much return you expect from your investment. In a competitive industry, owning a local business and expecting higher returns calls for a professional website builder. It means when your SEO improves, the returns become worthy.


A website builder can ensure your hobby reaches more people. It links your social media accounts and email address to the site. This enables your audience to contact or reach you easily. You can also get feedback from them through the social links. Build a website for your hobby and your followers.

Service providers and companies build websites because they want to take their investments to a higher level. They promote their products and services to do so. Building websites should not just be for doing business, but also something you’re passionate about to drive your investment.

Do not hire a professional if you want a website for sharing your passion and hobbies with people having similar interests. Your hobby can be about sharing tips. Therefore, create time for the traffic you get and post content bound to interest your audience.

Good content can see visitors return to your website or even refer others to check out your site. This can be successful when you choose a good builder.

A Startup Business

Go for an affordable website builder if your business is just starting to give it time to grow and improve. This is for those who are also working on a fixed budget but still want to benefit gradually. There are website builders with amazing offers that can work for anyone who needs to start from somewhere without spending much.

Investments take time to give returns thus, take this time to observe how the market is trending. It would help you get an idea of how it works so you can learn and note minor mistakes that can result to failure in your business.


Bloggers starting new websites and have no background in developing sites are encouraged to take it slow. It’s easier to build a website professionally when you have an existing audience following your blogs, even without having a site. Do not rush into transferring your previous blogs to a new site. Do it gradually.

Build your blog when you want to increase traffic to your site. Depending on how your content increases, your search engine traffic can also spike. It helps create an open discussion with your followers. It is important because from the comments made, you can get feedback and even find out about the areas to improve on.

Building a website can lead a blogger to share important insights and information that has been kept within for long. Therefore, it can help you build a brand name and authority for your business.

When You Want an Affordable and Fast Platform

Use a website builder if you want a site that is easy to create. This is because a website builder does not need a talent or skills to design a site. A basic graphic design is the most important aspect needed. The builder can always use a graphic design that’s already designed professionally.

The market is full of ready-to-use tools and applications that can help you start. Develop high quality content related to the theme of your website and click on publish when done for it to be posted online. Website builders do not take up much time when creating your site for affordability reasons.

In terms of functionality, make sure that everything works well. If you have to hire a good developer, ensure they understand how the builder works. Using a website builder is an option for investors with small businesses because it is cheaper compared to hiring a professional.

10 Free SEO Tools

A website’s organic search needs an effort that’s often being improved for higher ranking. In search engine optimization, a website owner needs to look for a reasonable solution to create improved content on new avenues.

All websites, including new ones, should be monitored continuously. Otherwise, mistakes and failures with regards to websites can reach a point beyond control. Here are ten tools you can use to improve your websites:


Moz is one of the best SEO tools to use for online marketing of your site. As a user friendly business marketing tool, Moz should be a priority. With the tool, many website owners find it easy to monitor their businesses at a glance. It’s usually located on the right side of the toolbar, making it possible to view every activity taking place.

Therefore, while on the website being visited, an instant report is generated when you click on the Mozbar. When clients get access to this tool, most get excited because it is easy to use. It also adds information to every website visited, atop being easy to understand and use.

Google Analytics

If you want people to visit your website, consider using Google Analytics. It is a tool that displays an insight of keywords related to those on your web pages whenever users visit other pages. When a user types a keyword, yours also surfaces among other alternatives on search engines.

Therefore, this tool is important because not only does is track traffic to you website, but it also channels your keywords on other pages on the search engines. It provides detailed and high quality information.


This SEO tool is amazing because with only a keyword, more than seven hundred ideas of keywords can be generated. Thus, if users make searches based long-tail keywords, your website stands a chance of getting clicks or visits. This explains the need for high quality, relevant content on your site.

The keywords generated are usually displayed alphabetically. Therefore, it makes search engines easier to use and access to information even faster.

Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) and Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

How your website works on the Bing is usually with the help of BWT. The tool ensures tabs on your website are functioning well. The internet search traffic houses twenty percent of the searches. BWT and GWT provide on-page keyword optimization, indexation and insights on crawling significance even beyond Bing and Google to affect your site positively.

Keyword Planner

Services and products have words that relate to them. Look for phrases and words related to your site niche as a head start. The keyword planner tool searches for related keywords to select the most suitable keyword for your business.  

Categorize keywords and assign them a budget based on your priorities. Today, the keyword planner is the premier tool for finding keywords because it took over the keyword tool. Despite functioning on keyword research, it also focuses more on Ad words generation.

If you want to track your keywords, an ignition window brings all familiar auto fills while looking for information using Anytime a user searches for a word on Google, the ignition makes a copy of the searches. It helps users get data faster on top search pages, devices or queries for over ninety days.

Google Trends

It is easy to win when you are able to foretell your competitors’ next moves and that is how marketers defeat their opponents. This where Google trends saves marketers because in terms of search volumes, it usually display changes to entities, search terms and different topics.


Copyscape is a tool designed to help you check duplicated or plagiarized content. The tool shows plagiarized content online, where it was originally published. Some of the results obtained can help improve your website’s SEO.

Simply copy paste a URL or the content you want checked for plagiarism. It’s then run on the web to check if it already exists on the internet.

SEO Site Analysis Tool

SEO analysis tool helps your website with auditing and scores. Websites do have errors. The tool analyzes websites to generate errors and tags users can easily see when they visit your site. The SEO checkup tool fast audits your site, indicating areas that need improvement.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Information on your web pages has a suitable context because of its structured data. You can copy and paste its code or use live data for the validation of your site’s structured data using this testing tool.

Business & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 2018

Today, many businesses are trying many ways to connect their products with audiences across many social platforms. Due to intense competition, it’s harder than ever for brands to catch the attention of users. At this pace, those involved in social media and business marketing must be creative. The trends that may have the greatest impact in 2018 are:

  1. The use of chatbots in customer service. The bots provide instant connections with potential customers from around the globe. Moreover, they interact with audiences in a more personal way.
  2. Taking advantage of ephemeral content. This is a type of content that lasts for short periods of time. Most of it appears for only 24 hours. To produce more real-time content, some brands are utilizing their Instagram profiles to create high-quality stories and content.
  3. Use of influencers.
  4. Use of video. Designing captivating video content promises much in media marketing.
  5. The use of Augmented Reality. This is a very quick and easy way to reach customers through their mobile phones.

How the Social Media Marketing Funnel Works

Today, everyone who does digital marketing knows the significance of social media in terms of content and engagement. However, many companies still think a strong media presence, consistent content posting, and engaging fans is sufficient. This is not going to impact the overall return on investment (ROI) of a brand.

The missing link is a social media marketing funnel. Funnels can guide prospective customers through their purchasing journey. For instance, targeted ads or news feeds updates from friends on Facebook may direct a user to a new page. The person may then gain interest and follow the page or visit the website.

Companies carefully guide users who continue to interact with them through social media to take key actions. Such actions may include newsletter sign ups or software downloads. If the engagement continues, it may lead to more interactions on other locations and pages. This may result in users deciding to buy.

There are many other ways that social media could play leading roles in marketing funnels of businesses. Today, some of the well-known social media funnels depend very much on paid social ads. Their goal is to send maximum traffic to optimized landing pages. Companies can then make their conversions from there.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Since social media has a big following, it promises to grow businesses greatly. The advantages of social media marketing include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. With social media, businesses can increase their recognition, traffic, leads, and sales at little or no costs. Most social networking platforms offer free sign up and profile creation. The paid promotions of social media are low-cost as compared to other marketing strategies.
  2. Improved brand awareness. Since it involves interactions with larger audiences, social media can immensely increase the recognition of a brand.
  3. Increased traffic. It is unlikely that a business could reach potential customers outside of their loyal circle without employing social media marketing. Every social media content and profile addition may result in people visiting a website.
  4. Increased ranking. Social media marketing does not directly affect SEO. Many marketers confirm that it has an indirect effect over long periods of time.
  5. Increased conversion rates. Businesses gain more opportunities for making conversions when they have increased visibility. Blog posts, videos, and comments may lead people to websites where they would make purchases.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction. Most potential customers love to interact with companies on a personal level. Social media is a sure bet to creating the humanized effect.

Social Media for B2B

Many people seem to view social media as a playground that is only meant for B2C companies. Of course, the majority of top brands that are leveraging this platform operate in the consumer segment. However, this does not mean that the social media arena is not fit for B2B companies.

A number of B2Bs are already succeeding in social media marketing. They are growing at a great rate as they tap into the customer base of major social networks. Most of these companies are travel-based. They either use Twitter or Facebook for marketing and customer service purposes. Can other companies also profit from this?

The major problem that many B2Bs have is lack of knowledge and awareness. Some of them believe that social media is not meant for them. Other B2Bs may not have the right personnel to lead their campaigns on social media. Fortunately, there are agencies that such companies could hire to do for them the necessary marketing.

B2B businesses that consider fundamental goals could get as much result from social media marketing as B2Cs. Such companies can improve their products’ awareness and build stronger brands by taking advantage of well-known social media platforms. Such platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Understanding an SEO Analysis and SEO Tools to Help

What’s Involved in a Manual SEO Analysis

Many people struggle to improve search traffic on their websites. There are many reasons why some websites do not show up more often on Google. Manual SEO audit is the first thing to do in such cases. It could help solve all problems related to SEO on particular websites and get some traffic.

It is possible to perform audits without utilizing any tool. However, the analysis of different aspects of individual pages of websites is a lengthy process. It would be time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to use special tools to efficiently do it.

A simple manual SEO audit could:

  1. Check a website’s current traffic and stats through the use of Google Analytics. It also compares the current and past traffic to give insight into the causes of any changes.
  2. Find any errors in the website using Google Search Console. Some of the errors may include mobile usability errors, 404 errors, indexing issues, among others.
  3. Find out the website load speed and fix any related problems.
  4. Determine mobile friendliness.
  5. Improve a website’s structure.
  6. Analyze the current keywords and improve them.
  7. Check for plagiarism.
  8. Analyze bounce rate using Google Analytics.
  9. Find and fix broken links.

Free SEO Analysis Tools

Search Engine Optimization is expensive. Paying for SEO services and tools can break someone’s bank. Fortunately, a number of website owners have built free tools to target traffic, increase leads, and up their sales. Using these tools could save people thousands of dollars. Here are some of them:


  • Google’s Webmaster Tools


Asking Google about how it views a particular website can give invaluable information. Google’s Webmaster Tools are user-friendly and they explain the basics about searches. For instance, PageSpeed Insights is a great feature that measures desktop and mobile website performance.


  • SEMrush


This is a very elaborate dashboard that shows reports of whole domains’ and specific pages’ performance. The website provides several toolkits, SEO toolkit being one of the most important. Especially, it can give a lot of information about keyword ranking.


  • Check My Links


Check My Links is a broken-link checker that determines whether internal or external links of a website actually work. It makes it easier for publishers and editors to correct errors before their pages are live. Check My Links works in seconds to detect the number of broken links.


  • UpCity’s SEO Report Card


SEO Report Card analyzes a website and compares it with its competitors. Its report consists of rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, current indexing, trust metrics, and website accessibility. However, users have to give some of their contact information before the release of the report.

Automated SEO Analysis – Are They Worth Anything

Quality is expensive. This applies to everything and SEO services in particular. Those who would do great SEO analysis should be prepared in terms of time, commitment, and money. To get real results, it demands so much from website owners. This process can be frustrating to newbies in SEO.

Automated SEO promises to save time and money. It is also less tedious as compared to the manual approach. Also, it gives up-to-date and accurate data on keyword rankings. Moreover, the analysis of competitors’ keyword densities, backlinks, and tags is easy. More importantly, it does not require hiring a huge SEO team.

However, the following disadvantages make automated SEO a bit unsavory:

  1. Often, automation creates links that can never draw traffic to sites.
  2. The majority of SEO software produce quantity and not quality results. In the long run, the site can have serious problems.
  3. Improper use of SEO software can lead to low-quality backlinks. This can result in penalization.

Website owners should choose between manual and automated SEO auditing after careful consideration. It is not about cheap and easy, but long-term and short-term implications of the choice. Depending on the current needs of a website owner, automated SEO could be worth it. Combining both strategies is even better.


Traffic is very important for websites. If it is high, a site shows up more frequently on Google searches. If it is low, the opposite happens. Those who are having problems with low traffic on their websites are supposed to carry out SEO audits. It could solve all issues and attract more visitors to their sites.

The manual analysis of SEO can help check a website’s current traffic, errors, load speed, mobile-friendliness, among other things. However, is not only time-consuming but also tedious. It also requires website owners to hire a big SEO team.

On the other hand, using tools such as SEMrush and Google’s Webmaster Tools could make the process easier and faster. However, it may result in low-quality results and reduce traffic. Depending on at-hand tasks, a mixture of both manual and automated services could do well.

Cheap Website Design – Is It worth It

A website is an online representation of a company. It brings several web pages together under a common domain name. The multimedia contents are included on the website in case there is a need for images, audio, video, animations, text and other interactive contents. A cheap website design may not cover all this but all is not lost as a professional web designer can come up with a website within users financial capabilities.

In website design, clients get what they pay for as there are various packages with different capabilities. Best website design professional will spend time with a client to understand their needs and what they need to achieve. The designer should be available for rectifications in case the needs are not met.

What Qualifies as a Cheap Website Design

Cheap Website Design does not always mean that the website should be substandard or almost useless. There is an affordable website design that meets the standards of a quality website and serves the purpose. Apart from costing less, an affordable website design is easy to make, use modern techniques and can be updated with ease.

A Cheap Website Design from a professional web design company is one that meets the standard of a clean design. The web pages are clean, crisp and have a professional look. This enables the user to navigate easily on the website. The contents are made in a simple but effective way that will capture the user’s attention.

A website that is not attractive to a visitor, one that is not effective and cannot be found on search engines, can be termed as cheap and with no professional touch. The best website design company will give an affordable website design and not a cheap design.

How to Identify the Best Website Design

The best website design is one that is attractive, visible and solid. These are the standards that should be met whether one wants to design a website that is new or restructure an existing one. A good website should meet the following qualities:

Have a solid domain name- The choice of a good and competitive domain name give a company an upper hand on search engines. A “.com” version is always the best and use of hyphens or “.net” versions should be avoided.

Easy to identify- Design a website that is easily identified by the internet suffers. Visitors are known to be attracted to websites that have brief and concise texts. Research shows that sites with obscure logos/titles, cluttered ads/banners are avoided by most internet users.

Easy to navigate- A website should be easy to navigate as visitors will drift away from a website design that takes time to locate services/products pages. Navigation acts as the site’s GPS to locate content. The pages should be well constructed with links and callouts well utilized.

Have quality content- Visitors stays on a page if there are quality and useful content in it. Ecommerce website design and other competitive designs use contents that are interesting, fresh, accurate and well-communicated. Un-edited contents with spelling and grammar mistakes will drive visitors away.

Be secure- A Cheap Website Design may not be in a position to acquire a high level of security measures.  Design a website that observes a high level of security for both the user and the owner. A website that does not secure the users’ information and avails their identity to any website user is risky.

Why Ecommerce Website Design Is Never Cheap

An ecommerce website design is a marketing tool that is customized to meet special requirements. Designing these websites is not cheap as they should meet the SEO website design standards and attract traffic that would impact sales positively. To have an effective ecommerce website design, the developer works on its appearance, interaction, and response capabilities.

Some of the features that make this design expensive include:

  • The website design is made to support mobile shoppers with checking in, filling the cart, paying and checking out possibilities.
  • The checkout process is designed to support building trust, good functionality, and usability.
  • Guest sign-ups are made easier as shoppers prefer to make their purchases quickly without having to register accounts.
  • There should be the availability of high-quality photographs showing the goods and/or services provided. In some cases, having video clips is an added advantage.
  • There should be detailed product descriptions to introduce the product/services to consumers. This also reduces the number of returns due to dissatisfactions.
  • The design is made customer friendly with navigation to all web pages made possible and simple.
  • An SEO website design is well represented if the website is to rank high on SEO platforms.

If You Want Cheap Website Design, Do Your Own Grafting

Cheap Website Design may not be the best option when a website is to be used as the main marketing tool. However, when having problems funding the project, designing own website is better than having none. Those willing to go through own website design process should consider the following steps:

  • Choose a platform to build the website on.
  • Learn SEO website design techniques or get someone to assist.
  • Make the website look attractive and professional
  • Get a domain name and a web hosting company


A cheap website design can cost more when it comes to upgrading it to be functional as per the owner’s specifications. It’s not always about getting cheap website designers work on a website but one should look at the implication the website has on their business. The best website design has visible contact information to enable users to locate the goods/services provider.

Visit for the best, functional and affordable website design services.



Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing – The Time Conundrum

Small business operators constantly face a balancing act between strategic and tactical. Cash flow management, time shortages, exhaustion from working for long hours, and the need for development are sources of pressure. All these things come to them when they may not possess the skills and experience to handle them.

Strategic planning is just as important for small businesses as it is for big ones. However, the workload and the pressures that small business owners face make it difficult for them to find time to do it. In short, they do not make well-thought and informed decisions since it’s hard to do proper analyses.

Unfortunately, non-strategic decisions take a daily toll on the small business and bring chaos. The owners make too many decisions in a single day without strategic thinking. In case the choices are sub-optimal or wrong, the business is wasting crucial time and money. In most cases, owners know the cost of poor decisions long after.

Some choices could put a small business into financial and legal risks. Others may cost hard-earned customers. The problem is that the consequences of non-strategic planning are stealthy in nature. For instance, small business owners may be gradually losing their competitive advantage to strategic thinking competitors.

Marketing Ideas & Mix

To attract customers, small business owners must do marketing. However, businesses that run on shoestrings cannot spend on mass mailings, radios, and billboards. They have to find inexpensive but effective marketing methods. For those who are strategic about what they spend, a small budget can work well.

There are a number of marketing ideas that small business owners can embrace to get customers. However, they should not focus on one marketing activity only. Businesses require both online and offline presence, paid advertising and free publicity, to be successful. A marketing mix targets the audience more effectively.

The following are some marketing mix tips that small business owners should take seriously:

  1. Use of social media. This platform targets a very big audience and, therefore, has great customer potential. Paying for advertisement on social media could be expensive. The best option is to look for free social media marketing. Especially, sites that allow for reviews are very important.
  2. Open a website. Every business should have a website that has detailed, specific, and relevant information.
  3. Partnerships. Teaming up with local businesses could help promote a small business.
  4. Placing sidewalk signs. This is especially applicable to businesses that are located on main streets with sidewalks.


What A Digital Marketing Agency Can Do for a Small Business

Small business owners have to spend long hours at work for their enterprises to be successful. Their workload may not give them time to make an online presence. Worse still, they may not have the necessary skills and experience to shine on the platform. Fortunately, engaging a digital marketing agency could solve this problem.

In the digital realm, building a strong business is more than just having great products and services. A website is the first opportunity for small business owners to wow their customers. Marketing agencies could make the site more enticing, engaging, and educative. This is where businesses score in the digital world.

Digital marketing agencies can substantially expand leads for small businesses. Agencies have the skills necessary to not only generate traffic to websites but also to convert it to leads. They employ a wide spectrum of services such as SEO, web marketing, SMO, among others to accomplish this. The result could be greater returns.

Hiring a marketing agency is a solid investment that is better than engaging a dedicated team that manages marketing and promotions. The team creates an effective strategy for digital marketing that manages various platforms and solutions with a well-cut plan. This promotes brands and increases a business’ visibility.


Whether a business is small or big, strategic planning is a must for success. The pressure from long working hours and a great workload that small business owners face makes it hard for them to plan properly. They do not have enough time to do so. Consequently, many of them make many bad choices that affect their businesses negatively.

Another challenge that small business owners face is limited capital to do marketing. They might not be able to spend on things like billboards and television advertising. Fortunately, there are a number of ideas they can embrace to make their businesses visible. They could use a mix of social media, business partnerships, and websites to accomplish this.

One more serious problem that small business owners have is that they may not make a heavy presence in the digital realm due to time and skill limitations. To solve this, they could hire digital marketing agencies. Of course, it is an added expense but agencies do help in promoting business brands and improving visibility dramatically.

Basic SEO – Understanding Page Elements

Titles & Descriptions

Title tags are HTML elements that give information about web pages for website visitors and search engines. Search engine results pages (SERPs) display title tags as clickable headlines for given results. They are very important for SEO, social sharing, and usability. Therefore, they must be concise and accurate.

Meta descriptions are short text paragraphs (or just sentences) included in HTMLs of web pages. They describe the contents of pages. They usually appear under URLs of pages in search results. Sometimes, Google may pull Meta description texts from other locations in web pages in attempts to answer certain queries better.

Keyword Placement

These are key phrase and words in web content that enables people to find sites through search engines. Proper keyword optimization for search engines increases the potential visitor base to websites. This could lead to conversions. Keywords are among the most important elements of SEO and choosing the best of them is crucial.

Apart from choosing the best keywords, it is also vital to know where to place them. According to SEO best practices, it is advisable to include them in high attention areas such as titles, body text, and image file names. However, it seems that successfully optimized sites use thousands of keywords.

To get the highest rank in Google searches, it is important to organize and group keywords.  This involves dividing them into small and manageable groups by manual or automated means. The latter approach is faster and easier. Grouping significantly reduces workload and creates specific, targeted pages.

Image Optimisation

Basic SEO optimization of images brings articles to life and contributes towards ranking. It helps readers in understanding texts better. It could spice up dull words and make posts more enticing. In fact, it is advisable to use images in every article. They would look more appealing than just words.

It is important to choose high-quality images that are unique and relevant to each page. Such images are appealing and always leave an impression on readers. However, website owners must scale down large files to accommodate mobile users. They can use a number of tools such as Optimizilla, JPEG Optimizer, and Compressnow.

Another important thing to do is to organize images. The visuals should make sense to users as they journey through the article. The images should also show a complete picture and have no information gaps. More importantly, including concise captions such as URLs with images makes it easy for search engine crawling.


H Tags

Headings help in breaking up articles to make them easier to read. They are like signposts to people who read. H tags are not a major ranking factor but they affect SEO. This is because they help users to know what a given article is about. Google also uses headings to determine the subject of articles.

Heading types include H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. H1 is the page’s or blog post’s title. Website owners should only use it once for every article. They can use the other headings severally, following a hierarchical structure within topics. However, it is recommended to use only H1, H2, and H3.

Internal Links & Anchor Text

Internal links are hyperlinks that point to other pages on the same website. They allow users to navigate websites. They also help in setting up of websites’ information hierarchy and in spreading link equity around websites. This makes it easy for search engines to list pages according to keywords and access their crawlable link structures.

Anchor texts are visible and clickable texts in hyperlinks. Often, they are blue and underlined in modern browsers. They link to other documents or locations on the web. They provide users and search engines with useful contextual information concerning the links destinations’ contents.

The way other people view a page and what kind of articles a website publishes triggers search engines to use external anchor texts to that site. However, website owners should ensure that their own anchor texts are useful, relevant, and descriptive. A page can rank highly when other sites think that it has relevant information about a certain theme.


Styling is very crucial to a website’s professional appearance. It helps search engines and Google to notice the site. Here are great tips for styling:

  1. Clean and streamlined title tags. The tags should tell much about the content. They could also contain one or two keywords. Search engines use them as links to websites in their databases.
  2. Short and simple Meta descriptions. It is important to keep the length of these short and simple paragraphs between 150 and 160 characters.
  3. Using keywords properly.
  4. Arranging heading tags in a hierarchical manner. H1 is the most important while H6 is the least important. Search engines see them better this way.

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