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Learn how we took one of our clients from the bottom of page three to the top of page one for highly competitive keywords.

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After spending 3 months with an already successful start up we were able to double the number of registrations using PPC

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Over our years of practice, we've unlocked processes that drive long-lasting results embedding them into your business.

Paid Advertising

We won’t just set you up with an AdWords account, we’ll focus on your customers’ journey and identify networks where your audience are congregating. Our expertise will ensure you track your campaigns success, test as many variations as possible and get the lowest cost per click/cost per acquisition.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation has many components from content and off-site strategies to technical audits. At Digital Trawler we’ve spent years perfecting our strategy, starting with identifying the correct keywords, technical aspects and then a long-term strategy focusing on off-site SEO and content marketing.

Monthly Reports

Every business wants to drive sales. Getting expert advice is often costly and involves significant risk. Our monthly reporting service allows you to get advice from industry experts and puts you in control of the time and resources that allow you to test and scale your marketing efforts.

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